Storytelling for Influence

Building an in-house capability in storytelling is building the capability to influence.

Business storytelling is emerging as the key leadership and communication tool for engaging, influencing and inspiring people. When told well, stories are memorable ways to encapsulate your vision, build rapport and form connections both inside teams and externally, with stakeholders.

Practical test:  does your “About Us” section only include lists and categories? Is the information purely factual or are you using stories to help illustrate who you are?

Our Work

Our team of editors, journalists, creatives and producers create first class multimedia work – look at who we have worked with. We’ve developed instructional content to enable organisations to build their own in-house capability. It’s a crash course in storytelling – the Influence by Storytelling program.

Program Description:

Influence by Storytelling will help you create impact inside your organisation. Whether you need backers for your business unit or organisation, invest in your idea, or get excited about the enterprise, storytelling can be the key to help you succeed

Program Details:

  1. Developing a map: Identify your key stakeholders, their influence, their needs and your BIG idea
  2. Build storytelling prototypes: Explore different media for telling your story and how to create multiple versions in order to engage others in the process
  3. Design for impact: What is the look-and-feel of your presentation? Does it resonate with your audience?

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