Make a Business Book

BOOK AUTHORSHIP for personal or business promotion is the most proven, most powerful >activity a professional or business owner can take to create powerful lead generation of prospects; to use in advertising; to secure publicity; to promote a cause or ideology; or for fun, fame, or fortune!

Business owners with deep knowledge and experience as well as experts in their field who want to build their authority know they need a book but can’t see their way clear to make a book.

Expert status and credibility

A book has a great way of growing your expert status and enhancing your credibility within your industry. Yes; generally authors are considered experts and no, not all of them are. But your prospects in general will assume that if you’ve written a book on a particular subject you probably know a whole lot about and therefore, you’re an expert.

At Rainmaker Media, we tell stories. Let us tell yours effortlessly.

Let’s talk about your book

We mean that literally. Don’t write; just speak and we’ll listen. Our Talk your book process has brought to life dozens of books. You don’t need to sweat the writing stuff: we take the load off your shoulders. Our journalists know how to extract and layout the story you need to tell. Our solutions are seamless and cost-effective.

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