Investor Relations should not be an after-thought

Our core philosophy

With 30+ years’ experience in capital markets and business journalism we have found that too many CEOs spend time on IR that is often best done by experienced IR professionals who have a more nuanced view of investor and shareholder needs. When delivered by a team with both capital market and media experience, there can be little case for in house IR management. Simply put, understanding best practice in IR needs the aforementioned talent, especially for emerging and growth companies operating in rapidly changing environments.

To maintain a competitive position against the thousands of companies trading in the equity markets, it is imperative that a company develops a proactive, strategic and consistent IR program. Ongoing communications with existing and potential shareholders, consistent messaging and maintaining a visible presence will enable brokers, investors and stakeholders to value a company on its unique fundamentals.

By understanding market participants Rainmaker IR obtains very candid insight into perceptions of a company, enabling us to work closely with senior executives on delivering the right messages to the right audience. To this end, Rainmaker IR provides the following IR services: 

Strategic Messaging and Material Development
Perhaps the biggest determinant in the market’s perception of a company is its success in communicating effective and accurate messages. Rainmaker IR works with company executives to understand the messages currently being conveyed to investors, or in the case of a pre-IPO company, we work with founders and pre-IPO investors to consider future communications. This is followed by candid interviews with investors either familiar with the story or familiar with the industry to understand how the company is currently being viewed by the market and the level of understanding, awareness or desirability of the company’s messages as understood by management.

This is a process and once completed, Rainmaker IR will develop or refine messages that reflect the recently gathered information. These polished messages will then be integrated into various documents and corporate collateral including the website, fact sheets, financial media releases, investor presentations and Annual Reports, among others.

The message refinement process is an ongoing one to be undertaken regularly as companies are dynamic and evolving.

In times of significant change or growth, a company’s investment story will also change. A merger, new competitors, market slow down, demerger and changes in regulation,  are all times that call for a fresh approach and targeted investor relations activity.

Do you believe that you are doing and achieving everything you can to engage current and potential investors?

Our full service design team with over 30 years’ experience supporting business by designing well-conceived, creative and professionally-written communications

We cover the basics of Investor Relations & Communications for both listed ASX companies as well as industry associations and NGOs.

We deliver:

  • Investor presentations
  • Shareholder and member newsletters
  • Special purpose reports such as
    • White Papers and industry Analysis
    • Investor memoranda prepared for capital raisings

We have worked in a number of industry areas including:

    • Hospitality sector (hotels)
    • Transport (taxi sector)
    • Accounting sector (industry associations)
    • Technology (SaaS and accounting software)
    • Financial services