How can you set yourself apart from all the other companies selling complex products, services and technologies?

The answers?

Get content ; get customers.

Here’s a marketing myth that should be put to rest: that in these hyper-fast days, nobody will read anything:

People will read more than you can ever imagine about something, if they are interested in the topic.

People want to be motivated to take action!

A prospective client may read blogs, articles, and reviews of product as well as price comparisons and then give a call for a quote or estimate.  In other words, lots of solid information sells. It convinces, it persuades, it works.

One thing you and every other professional or service provider should have on their website is an article, report, white paper, ebook or workbook to give away. This is what helps to build your list.
You’re the expert; you have the knowledge; give it to them!

Create an in-depth SPECIAL REPORT like the ones on this page.  Use cutting edge graphics and data:

  • Infographics (like the on one on this page)
  • A high quality design that says “Credible”

Web Pages Reports graphic_3Your visitor will see the blurb for your report and then give you their name and email address which gets added to your list, which then enables you to send emails to them with more valuable material and a sales pitch or two.

Here’s a hint: Give them more. Not less. They want more useful information that will help them be more successful in one way or another.

Reports take time and will take a lot of thinking and work. The good news is that we have the business journalists, the researchers and the designers on hand to do it with you. Your prospects and existing customers will be impressed. And they’ll you pay for it by giving you their business.

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