Biographies & Memoirs

Who has not wanted to tell their personal histories? Consider this: we tell stories in order to live. Telling stories benefits the storyteller as well as the recipient. For sure, by revealing our stories, a family history, makes us feel known and acknowledged. For many it gives us a way to remember and honor and acknowledge others in our lives.

And for a country like Australia, a nation built on migration, a memoir reveals the family and culture. Our own stories add our experiences to the ‘catalogue’ of memories that flows through our families over generations.

Our services include:

  • professional interviews to build  a talk-your-memoir series of transcripts
  • distillation of interviews into narrative memoir form
  • manuscript editing and light fact-checking
  • image processing and digital restoration of photographs
  • genealogy charts, translations
  • book design and formatting
  • book printing
  • e-books and e-book distribution
  • video trailer of memoir

It is the ultimate gift: your legacy of stories. Download our guide Making your Memoir.

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