Enhanced eBooks

A book ensures you have a credible marketing tool which you can use as a premium, incentive, reward or giveaway to acquire new customers or to impress existing ones.

Immersive, interactive and engaging; that’s what enhanced digital books can deliver. Whether it’s simple hyperlinks to additional material or embedded audio with a story or message or video that demonstrates entertains or instruct enhanced books are the premium eBook.


  • iPad formatted
  • Interactive
  • Swipe and navigate

Enhancements like audio and video
Why video in a book? RainmakerMedia’s digital marketing solutions help brands leverage video across their brand ecosystem more effectively, as well as the many ways in which video content can drive value and, for your enterprise book tell a story in words and dynamic content. RainmakerMedia’s unique publishing formats bring brands to life. This enables brands to strategically place content and video in the books or marketing collateral.

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