Brand Partnership Engagement

How we attract Brand sponsors to maximise engagement

RainmakerMedia works with businesses which will sponsor you if you can provide the things they are most interested in, which are:

  • Looking good (successful, good corporate citizens, great employers etc)
  • Value add to their existing customers
  • Gaining new customers.

So depending on the topic of your book, you can find the right business sponsors that may fund production or buy copies of your book. Then the next thing is to write them a proposal and pitch for their sponsorship dollars.

Benefits that partner sponsors can bring include:

  • Promote your book to their database of customers when alignment exists with the content and the audience
  • Provide funding for with the production of your book

What does a sponsor receive for paying for the work to be produced?

It’s promotional value by being associated with something of quality. The reader’s time is valuable and we as a publisher want people to hold it to that standard.

The sponsor benefits from the exposure and associated media. They are able to say it is “Presented by Your Brand” on the front cover and the website. They will be able to write content. The sponsor is thus able to:

  • Showcase thought-leadership and excellence
  • Enhance public perception of your organisation and brand
  • Innovative marketing in a cost-effective way
  • Participate in a low resource-intensive program
  • Use pre-approved content (in book) to showcase expertise

P.S. Don’t sweat; we take care of all of this just like we did with just some of our authors. (see graphics on this page)

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