White Papers

A White Paper can be a high-value piece of content, thus it should be leveraged. White Papers build a brand and offer spin-off opportunities.

How we work
Using a time-tested white paper methodology, RainmakerMedia has developed more than 100 business white papers and technology white papers in the last few years alone (see the sample white paper on this page). Our clients use white papers in the following ways:

  • Post white papers on their Web sites
  • Include white papers in sales force materials
  • Distribute white papers in response to client inquiries
  • Hand out white papers at customer meetings and conferences

White papers help meet marketing communications and sales goals by:

  • Telling a compelling story
  • Properly articulating business challenges
  • Explaining innovative technology-based solutions

The RainmakerMedia White Paper Methodology
Our process—illustrated in the diagram below—ensures that your white paper project receives the highest professional attention starting with the first step: defining the deliverable. The second step in the white paper process is a kick-off conference call. Our journalist/researcher drafts a white paper outline for your approval and then submits the first draft for your review. Once your comments and feedback are received, they are embedded into the white paper while submitting illustration ideas, always ensuring that the words, illustration (like the infographic on this page) and document layout and design work together effectively.


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