Marketing Collateral

How to Leverage Content in Your Marketing Strategy

You have to earn the attention of web visitors with original content that is either educational or entertaining. For starters note that your ‘about’ and ‘bio’ pages are key selling tools. So make sure they are not boring!

White Papers
A White Paper can be a high-value piece of content, thus it should be leveraged. White Papers build a brand and offer spin-off opportunities, such as:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Bylined articles in media
  • Pick-ups in other media such as tech blogs

Business outcomes? When someone downloads your White Paper, they are interested in what you have to say. A decline in cost-per-acquisition through spin-off opportunities each quarter. That’s a value-for-money proposition you need to consider (more..)

A report should address common pains that your target audience has, along with a solution. For example, say you develop and sell health supplements. You could feature a report on your website called SUPPLEMENTS: A Road Map (see Reports). When someone downloads the report, your marketing automation system sends a sequence of emails that speaks to benefits that the report brings to buyers of supplements, which drives them to a live product demo on your website (more..)

An Infographic is worth 1000 words
The infogrpahic is nothing new. You’ve seen them in newspapers and journals, but when used on the internet, infographics can have tremendous cut through. Not only are they colourful and striking, they allow you to present otherwise boring data and information in a visual, compact way. We’ve got the skilled designers to deliver your set.

Media Kits
A professionally produced Media Kit is another key element in your marketing collateral. We at RainmakerMedia know that journalists are looking for stories like yours to fill their pages. Our journalists have walked both sides of the media fence: writing stories and putting together media releases. The Media Kit will assist you to:

  • Tell the media that you are a serious player in your industry
  • Get your news out to your target audience, industry peers or stakeholders
  • Assist media and journalists to find what they are looking for (more..)

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